BPO Services

Whatever your business objective, we make it work, with you and for you, bringing an enthusiasm for dependability, worth, and execution. We apply broad investigation capacities—utilizing our industry keenness, the information we oversee for customers and our insight into your organization to improve your operational motor.

Zairo international’s main focus is on the value drivers in outsourcing i.e. customer’s relationship, best leadership, product administration, and good operational management. Focusing more on these drivers helps the company create a competitive edge.

This is the reason why in a short span of time Zairo has reached great heights and had become one of the fastest BPO service providers in Kanpur, UP.

The BPO provides you with several inside services – inbound and outbound marketing services, data management services and survey lead generation services.

Inbound Marketing Services

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.”

Guy Kawasaki

So what exactly is “Inbound Marketing”?

Inbound marketing is tied in with creating significant experiences that positively affect individuals and your business. How would you do that? You attract prospects and clients to your site and blog through important and helpful content. When they arrive, you draw in with them utilizing conversational tools like email and talk and by promising proceeded with worth. Lastly, you please them by proceeding to go about as a compassionate counselor and master.

An inbound service predominately offers help for taking care of huge volume calls started by the clients. These calls are chiefly rendered as phone noting demands for customer's items or as pre or post deals specialized help.

Zairo international is a pioneer in offering world-class inbound service to encourage better correspondence with end clients. We represent considerable authority in offering compelling 24-hour inbound services to amplify your business revenues, limit operational costs, and reinforcing long term relationship with end clients.

Outbound Marketing Services

Outbound marketing is a traditional method of marketing in which we will help you seek potential customers. Outbound marketing includes activities such as trade shows, seminar series, email blasts, cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising.

Through outbound marketing process, we will connect your brand or service with your needs and convert them into customers, using creative techniques. The process of outbound marketing has been around not just since the dawn of digital marketing, but also with all types of marketing. Basically, it is a simple concept and was aimed at creating brand recall among customers.

Building client connections and serving the client's particular needs are imperative elements of success driven association. We, at Zairo international, give bleeding edge outbound services that empower organizations to achieve right gatherings or potential purchasers so as to use a new dimension of effectiveness and operational advantages.

“Cold calling” and “outbound calling” are frequently used interchangeably. With both types of calls, you pick up the phone, contact a prospect, and hope they give you the go-ahead when it comes to your sales pitch. Zairo International deals with sending calls to the customers. While sending the calls, our motive is to market the services of the company. Our purpose is customer acquisition, lead generation, and marketing. Zairo International relies on both outgoing calls and incoming calls.

Our client-driven contact focus solutions help in improving procedure productivity; cultivates selling openings and fortifies client relationship.

Outbound service is intended to make an enormous volume of outbound calls to the forthcoming and existing clients in the interest of a business/customer. These calls significantly take into account deals, item/administration membership, account up-gradation, and obligation gathering.

Data Management Services

Data management can be a hectic process for any business. With proper use of any data business, you can identify weak links, leverage on strong points and focus on basic essentials. It’s a time-consuming service and takes a hell lot of time. So we at Zairo international offers excellent data management outsourcing services. With a team of data processors, data analyst experts and data entry specialists, we at Zairo international are able to perform any glitch-free data management service.

Save your enormous amount of time and money, by outsourcing your data processing and management requirements to us. We follow strict data protection rules to protect data misuse, theft and hacking.

Zairo international is a leading BPO service provider that supports organizations with high quality customized data management services covering their varied business needs.

We at Zairo provide cost-effective, time-sensitive and professional best-in-class data management services that include :

1. Data processing: we had helped several business types of data processing such as e-com websites etc.
2. Data mining: So data mining is the process through which we turn raw data into useful information.
3. Data Cleansing: one of the key components that our company follows is data cleansing. It can be done through calling, online search, emails, etc.
4. Data verification and extraction: authenticity is our key motive; we through this service provide the gathered data a quality check.
5. Data conversion: through data conversion, we perform in a way that the data needs to be in a specific format to make use of it at most.
6. Data Analysis Services: through data analysis, Zairo international do the multi-faceted task.

Lead Generation Services

Distinguishing, nurturing, overseeing and changing over leads into deals require a great deal of time and exertion. For compelling lead generation, you would require the abilities of lead generation specialists who have skill in supporting important associations with qualified leads and building legitimate outcomes and this is where Zairo international comes in.

Lead generation is basically generating potential customers that interest your product and services. Lead generation is one of the best ways to gain a customer.

We at Zairo international believe in quality leads and deliver it with our specially trained professional call center representative which leads to the prospective customer through various ways. Our team will generate leads and aim at providing effective services to our client.